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  2. Thanks I added a local mirror smartassembly-ptr-sizeof-fixer-1.0-by-kao--lkt-pro_.zip
  3. Description : SmartAssembly Ptr SizeOf Fixer 1.0 is the tool which remove Prt junk from assembly protected by SmartAssembly, this tool is made by me - skypeaful aka LKT Pro and kao (Orginal code) For example code Excutable protected which SmartAssembly which clean by de4dot Example: private unsafe string method_0() { string Test = "Deob me"; void* ptr = stackalloc void[8]; *(int*)ptr = Test.Length; string text = ""; *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) = ; while (*(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) < *(int*)ptr) { if (*(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) > && *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) % 4 == ) { text += "-"; } text += Test[*(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4)]; *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) = *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) + 1; } return text; } Screenshot : Author/Credits : kao (Orginal code), skypeaful aka LKT Pro (I made some change for automatic for each method and highlight,...) Download : Usage: Drap and drop .exe which you want to fix to tool This tool is just remove some parts like kao said in orginal topic: https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/38253-help-request-deobfuscate-net-code/?do=findComment&comment=182265 So if you want more please share idea which me for coding, thank for any contributation.
  4. https://betanews.com/2019/10/15/microsoft-windows-10-tamper-protection/
  5. Thanks I added a mirror here confuserex-protections-call-killer-1_0.zip
  6. Description : ConfuserEx Protections Call Killer 1.0 is the tool which remove junk methods from assembly protected by ConfuserEx, this tool is made by Reza H.N.A, I just sharer Screenshot : Author/Credits : Reza H.N.A Homepage : Nothing found Download :
  7. https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_msdos_games?and%5B%5D=emulator_start%3A%2Aiafix%2A&sin=&sort=-publicdate
  8. thank you for answers. but I'm looking for the way to patch with c# Not long ago. I found dnlib, mono.Cecil and dnpatch. Now I'm studying these libraries.
  9. you can use dnspy if you don't have a good experience with MSIL opcodes
  10. Normally, I fix it with dnspy but it is a waste of time. It would be better if I patch it for use. But I don't know how to change it. namespace JetBrains.Application.License2.Evaluation { public class EvaluationLicenseViewSubmodel : ILicenseViewSubmodel, ILicenseCheckResult { internal void CheckLicensesAndFire() { int leftDays = evaluationInfo.GetLeftDays(second); //I want to remove this if (second.FreeTrialPeriod < leftDays || leftDays < 0) { this.<>4__this.myCheckResult.ReplaceResult(new LicenseCheckInfo(first, Result.FAILED, string.Format("Free trial period of {0} is over.", first.GetShortPresentableName())), this.<>4__this); } //till here else { string description; if (leftDays != 0) { if (leftDays != 1) { description = string.Format("Free trial period is running. {0} days left", leftDays); // **I want to change string here** // description = string.Format("Hello, it's me"); } else { description = string.Format("Free trial period is running. 1 day left", Array.Empty<object>()); } } else { description = string.Format("Free trial period will expire tomorrow", Array.Empty<object>()); } } } } } namespace JetBrains.Application.License2.Evaluation { public static class EvaluationInfoEx { public static int GetLeftDays([NotNull] this IEvaluationInfo info, [NotNull] ISupportsEvaluation supportsEvaluation) { int freeTrialPeriod = supportsEvaluation.FreeTrialPeriod; // I want to change "supportsEvaluation.FreeTrialPeriod" To 999 // int freeTrialPeriod = 999; int actuallyUsedDays = info.ActuallyUsedDays; int num = (DateTime.Today == info.LastUsageDate) ? 1 : 0; return freeTrialPeriod - actuallyUsedDays + num; } } } namespace JetBrains.Application.License2.Evaluation { internal class EvaluationInfo : IEvaluationInfo, ILicenseDataItem { public bool SetUsed(bool addCalendarDays = false) { DateTime today = DateTime.Today; if (this.LastUsageDate > today) { this.LastUsageDate = today - TimeSpan.FromDays(1.0); } if (this.LastUsageDate < today) { int num = 1; if (addCalendarDays) { num = Math.Max(1, (int)(today - this.LastUsageDate).TotalDays); } this.LastUsageDate = today; this.ActuallyUsedDays += num; // I want to change "num" to 0; // this.ActuallyUsedDays = 0; return true; } return false; } } }
  11. It is not my work, Enigma HWID Patcher Loader Generator is the work of GautamGreat/URET. While Enigma Register Bypasser.rar is the work of BlackVirus.
  12. This may not work for last version so I've uploaded new tools called: Enigma HWID Patcher Loader Generator by GautamGreat/URET work for some latter versions https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/40389-enigma-hwid-patcher-loader-generator . Pre Checker patch checkbox. or the Enigma 1.x - 3.x VM Unpacker 1.0.txt Olly script by LCF-AT may log some address for bypassing! EnigmaPatcher_v1.3.rar
  13. Earlier
  14. Enigma Register Bypasser Link: https://crackinggsm.blogspot.com/2016/07/enigma-registration-bypasser.html Enigma Register Bypasser.rar
  15. https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/37779-netbodycloner/?do=findComment&comment=188862 or attached. NetBodyCloner&NetBodyInjector.zip
  16. Please reup these tool, thank
  17. @zhuk: https://mega.nz/#!QtRXRYgb!85KR2ZUeO5w276noGO4k2UjgiOnXy-6DZFLfKBf868M
  18. DARKER


    Eazfuscator.NET 2019.3 released on September 29, 2019 Visualization of homomorphically encrypted regions of code .NET Core 3.0 support .NET Standard 2.1 support Visual Studio 2019 version 16.3+ support JetBrains Rider 2019.2 support Added ability to mark static method as a module initializer Improved ASP.NET Core support Improved .NET Native support Improved Visual Studio integration Improved homomorphic encryption coverage Fixed issue with a locked file that could occur during update installation Fixed issue in method overload matching of ref readonly return types Fixed bug that could lead to an issue with default values of optional method parameters Fixed VM issue that might occur in compiler-generated async state machine code Fixed XML Documentation Filter issue with nested generic classes Fixed XML Documentation Filter issue that occurred in MSBuild project integration mode Fixed XAML issue that could lead to "Unknown BAML record type 0x22" error during obfuscation Fixed issue with .NET Core reflection introspection Fixed issue with .NET Native compilation that could occur when code control flow obfuscation was on Fixed issue with UWP assembly merging that could lead to an endless loop in merger
  19. So. I am beginner who study reverse engineering android .I want to know lists of reverse engineering channel of forum where can study android reverse engineering.... Please share your knowledge. thanks
  20. Invoke any member of a class http://smoketest.wesleysteiner.com/
  21. Strong Name Remove v2.3 exe attached to first post!
  22. The article was also deleted for this:
  23. IMHO, for fast patching is definitely best Hiew.
  24. I am learning the x86 asm. The functions has some conditional branches but finally to it seems mov eax, 0 or 1. Ok
  25. I think you need to understand the assembly code for that function, watch which registers it changes when it returns 1 or 0 to the caller usually MOV EAX, 1 and RET put a BP on that function, when it's called, edit the first instruction of its code to get the correct result in the registers and then return to the caller, you can use x64dbg to apply patches to the file.
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