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  3. Uhm....... The general rule about reversing/cracking tell that we have to have at least a good programmer experience in the type of language the target use, and I'm not........ But before quit this job I may try to enable the "save to clipboard" option----------->may be enough to save using paint f.e. BTW I don't understand in which way TestComplete may help me in locate the code to patch it.
  4. The save function can be done using one method in that ActiveX object, not very hard to find the address in the ActiveX DLL, "SaveImage" method exactly. The point is that you have to invoke that method using the currently created ActiveX object in that editor form All you have is the Hwnd of that ActiveX window and this is not very useful, I believe the testing software hooks many places where ActiveX objects are created and saves their references, if you have the reference then using some COM magic you will be able to invoke the methods of that object.
  5. It is a bit hard, and is not patching, mainly you will have to implement save as image from scratch.
  6. Sorry I just read the edited post, nice work Theoretically it's possible to add a button to force calling any of that ActiveX method, just like that testing application is doing It injects several DLLs into the process when you start the test, and by checking the DLLs you can see it hooks many places I will admit it's too much work and will require deep knowledge of the obsolete COM technology so I wouldn't go that far A crippled version is crippled.
  7. nvm kao, your PC and your tools, this is your business.
  8. The problems got solved in my case. What about yours kao?
  9. @Kura: let's not start the holy wars of what browser/OS/text editor/programming language I (or anyone else for that matter) should be using. That's not the point of the post anyway.. Chrome is the most dominant browser in the world these days and if T4Y are not accessible by Chrome, it's not only me suffering, it's a plenty of people.
  10. Use Fire Fox, upgrade your experience.
  11. LOL, now it doesn't work for me neither:
  12. Hi guys, if anyone is able to access Tuts4you, could you please ping Teddy and let him know that since today his server seems to be misconfigured and inaccessible via Chrome? Screenshot from SSLLabs test (see part of handshakes failing): Cheers, kao.
  13. The tone of the conversation was escalating quickly towards a known end, let's move on.
  14. @mamo434376 watch your mouth and respect other members please.
  15. https://hufman.github.io/stories/bmwconnectedapps
  16. all .net virtualizers (VMProtect, Koi etc...) using methodbase for 'call' opcode handler, so they all easily can be cracked but writing a devirtualizer need alot of time and effort, also nobody is stupid to waste time on a double virtualized target like this (VMProtect on top of Koi) except when the target worth it, which in this case doesn't. I'm not wasting my time on some scriptkiddie who don't know how to respect others work, im done here. BR.
  17. nice unpacked file ? You're just not stupid enough to find key, are you? (don't be taken) it says already open the package. me too can find the key too
  18. Earlier
  19. how: Easy, i just debug it and got the key
  20. I will try very deep in the week-end, many thanks for your effort. At the moment i was able to remove the demo limitation: no rotation, no demo watermark, no code deleted (you may try with a C++ souces of your, not the short demo) but no progress related to save... OK!! I was able in getting the bmp image of my flowchart in the clipboard. This means we may bypass the save to clipboard demo limitation, but now what is the next step? I just was able in saving to bmp with a shareware program: GimeSpace3d. The point is do you think that the code of the program is patchable? I have try to put some breakpoint on windows messagges, but no luck.... If you're tired with this job, no prob: I may understand, even worse you have help me in a splendid way
  21. Let me know if you got the screenshot for the chart.
  22. Who is newbie (like me) in art of reversing/cracking, may found a good help with a non intrusive debugger. At the moment I utilize two debugger: the uncomparable "x64dbg" and the best for games "Cheat Engine". x64dbg is absolutelly fabolous, but it is an intrusive debugger. Cheat Engine is "game oriented", but also incorporate a good debugger, but the beauty is that it also get us a NOT intrusive debugger; I refer about the possibility of look at the code of the running program and letting us the possibility of reading all memory, patch on the fly, get handle of windows, pause the process, etc. with NO NEED to attach the debugger (unless of course you wanna set breakpoint); so many time when the prog is packed we may, without unpacking ( a very hard way for a newbie) we get the code with full reference to string, intercall, etc. with no care about antidebugging tricks. F.e. in the past I remember I was able to patch on the fly an Armadillo protected program who is infamous to lock debugger creating a child process. IMO for the newbie Cheat Engine may be an excellent strument.
  23. Many thanks, I'll try, I didn't know the value of utilizing an app like "TestComplete" for reversing purpose. At the moment here is the max I have obtained....... It is a Cheat Engine table. visustin.CT
  24. 1 - Create a new project 2 - Add a test step of type "Run TestedApp" and choose the visustin.exe as your app to test 3 - Right Click this step and execute it, now your app should be running 4 - Add the code your want to chart in the code window of visustin.exe 5 - Click "Create chart", after the chart is created you should open the editor window 6 - Add a second test step of type "Call Object Method" and choose the editor window as the object to invoke 7 - The parameters should be like this 8 - While the editor window is still open, right click the 2nd test step and click "Run selected operation" 9 - your chart will be in the clipboard now, open paint or any other app you want and click paste to get the chart as an image.
  25. SiSC0

    RedGate SmartAssembly

    SmartAssembly 7.1 (October 17, 2019 1:15PM) Features SmartAssembly now supports building applications on Azure DevOps. See Using SmartAssembly with Azure Pipelines for details. Merging assemblies others depend on is now possible using a new ForwardWhenMergedAttribute. See Merging assemblies others depend on for details. Improvements SA-1361: Azure SQL Database is now supported by SmartAsssembly. See Configure database connection on Azure Pipelines for details. SA-1889: It’s now possible to deactivate SmartAssembly using the command line. See Deactivating for details. SA-2223: Attribute ForceObfuscate can now be applied to interfaces. Fixes SA-2185: Application's assemblies are no longer locked while project is open in SmartAssembly. SA-2209: WPF window's size, with ResizeMode set to NoResize, is no longer affected by processing the application with SmartAssembly. SA-2213: .NET Core runtime config is no longer copied when the output assembly path is the same as input assembly path. SA-2217: "Missing table" exception no longer occurs when creating a new database during first command line execution. Other changes SA-2218: Added a splash screen on SmartAssembly startup.
  26. SiSC0


    Build 190718 ( 18 July 2019 ) Fixed stack overflow exception that occurred while obfuscateing some assemblies. Improvde support for some assemblies built using VS 2017 and above, when using pinned variables. Build 190726 ( 26 July 2019 ) Environment variables in command-line passed to signcode tool are expanded. Build 190807 ( 07 August 2019 ) It is now possible to specifiy the path of sn.exe and signtool.exe via the command-line.
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