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Whatever... you can talk about anything here ...

Important Rules (Read For All Members ...)

Please read our rules becarefully:


This a general rules for all forums :


1-First of all Use English only for your Topics and Replies Contradict that your post will be in Trashcan -Except General Discuss Forum you can use any language


2-This is not a warez board Please do not post links to retail files that cannot be downloaded directly and legally from the authors own site.


3-We do NOT have a crack requesting area. Please don't ask this question If you want a crack request forum then you will need to either go and find another one or start your own up.


4-Do not e-mail or PM crack requests to any forum member if you do that you will get an official warning or banned.


5-Junior members will not have rights to use the PM system or view members groups.


6-Don't Use a live Links


7-Please do not make lots of "thank you" or very similar pointless posts to increase your post count. If we see this we will lock your account to Junior group.


8-Don't bother the other person / Respect Somebody...


9-Finally, we hope that you enjoy your stay here.




The information contained in this website is purely for educational purposes only. You are responsible for what you do with it. The attempt of this site is to let you know more about computers. You may crack a software but please don't use it after its evaluation period. Crack to understand the protections and how they work rather than to use free softwares.



All information in this site for Educational purposes and we are not Officials for bad using this information.



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