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    Sorry for the inconvenience but we had some problems with our previous host and had to close down for a while Special Thanks to my old friend "who wishes to stay anonymous" for providing the new host. Registration is open again.
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    New Beta 6 release: - Fixed a silly bug on "EBFE on EP" AlocLogBeta6.zip
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    Description : SmartAssembly Ptr SizeOf Fixer 1.0 is the tool which remove Prt junk from assembly protected by SmartAssembly, this tool is made by me - skypeaful aka LKT Pro and kao (Orginal code) For example code Excutable protected which SmartAssembly which clean by de4dot Example: private unsafe string method_0() { string Test = "Deob me"; void* ptr = stackalloc void[8]; *(int*)ptr = Test.Length; string text = ""; *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) = ; while (*(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) < *(int*)ptr) { if (*(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) > && *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) % 4 == ) { text += "-"; } text += Test[*(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4)]; *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) = *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) + 1; } return text; } Screenshot : Author/Credits : kao (Orginal code), skypeaful aka LKT Pro (I made some change for automatic for each method and highlight,...) Download : Usage: Drap and drop .exe which you want to fix to tool This tool is just remove some parts like kao said in orginal topic: https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/38253-help-request-deobfuscate-net-code/?do=findComment&comment=182265 So if you want more please share idea which me for coding, thank for any contributation.
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    Original topic : https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/41523-edit-xaml-in-net-apps/ Credits to whoknows pass : b-at-s.info format:RAR5 ReplaceBAML_explained.rar
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    https://cairoshell.com https://github.com/cairoshell/cairoshell
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    Password reset function and emoticons are fixed now
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    The migration wasn't easy, still fixing some bugs
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    is a GUI application for in-depth analysis of USB HID class devices. The 2 main usecases of this application are reverse-engineering existing devices and developing new USB HID devices. USB HID class consists of many possible devices, e.g. mice, keyboards, joysticks and gamepads. But that's not all! There are more exotic HID devices, e.g. weather stations, medical equipment (thermometers, blood pressure monitors) or even simulation devices (think of flight sticks!). https://github.com/ondrejbudai/hidviz/
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    Thanks I added a local mirror smartassembly-ptr-sizeof-fixer-1.0-by-kao--lkt-pro_.zip
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