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  1. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
  2. 1. I simply analyze it with EXEinfo PE tool 2. I don't know how to do this manual job, thats why i ask if there an automatic tool that can do this job. Btw, would you mind tell me how to do this manually with x64dbg may be.
  3. Both of them can't automatically unpack (because it didn't detect of it) the modified UPX that i wanna unpack.
  4. I'm not a member there, i will registered later, can you point me the link?
  5. Hello master, Is there a tool can automatically unpack modified UPX? I found QuickUnpack v4.35 can't do this job well. Please help how to use QuickUnpack correctly or there is another tool. Thank you
  6. It will be complete if you also post the links to the "updated tool" (MegaDumper and Universal Fixer), thanks.
  7. Daz Loader still the best - http://dazloader.xyz/
  8. It would be nice if you post demo example how to anti tamper, so it will be useful for noob reverser like me.
  9. I download it on At4re official site | 1.41 MB http://www.at4re.com/files/Tools/Releases/Keygener_Assistant.rar File checksums CRC32: 1D12CC95 MD5: B7AAC99D8718747B7FB51B13A7A536CC SHA-1: 6A4B5D8759242E8CE12020447BE3589420BD2E8F SHA-256: 218DED8E0B07457F0839313F3273E741250250AA9265D4214C5133196AF54DF5 SHA-512: CB7FA6FBE54D933CC552BBC24B062236D90A281814EC3018B6733E1978BBAC1FAA353295B40F7D2E41EECA2114B57F27F99984C110D0B82E2D50E122CF4CE4A0
  10. InnoExtractor Just FYI, the official page was death or not continued but still active posting an update link in https://www.facebook.com/Havysoft. Changelog (October 08, 2015): Added new language files for latest version in our "InnoExtractor Languages page". You can download it from application menu "Options/Languages/Get More Languages...". Improved disarm library and modules.Improved icon extraction module.Updated and improved official English and Spanish language files.Fixed several errors and bugs introduced in previous version more bugs discovered in old versions.Download installer for Windows: http://www.mediafire.com/?uaanj3yya422rkf File checksum CRC32: DB0AC211 MD5: 5B636B272B142154A7F5716887B3E50A SHA-1: 6D652FA94BCE5E8356D977B121C03519A234D472 SHA-256: 9012CBBCE4D10C4E3AA42748C497E1BB685977B8C4AEF5B28CEDBA9337FCD433
  11. The crack was original came from exetools - made by cjack and not from chinese forum i guess.
  12. Qt Quick Fundamentals Learn to use Qt Quick to create a modern, fluid user interface suitable for both mobile and desktop devices. Qt Quick contains both a rich set of user interface objects and an easy to use and learn declarative programming language known as QML. Download Video Tutorial (Size: 1.14 GB) https://mega.co.nz/#!fhlGlCBY!pjqCVk0zX3E6ZcfIi9x8bpjsbsCzZUkw31YRrNHhUy4
  13. Can you publish the fixed source code here, so we can learn :). Thank you
  14. Can you explain how to create the loader, or if you don't mind just upload your loader source code here :) with a little tutorial how it works with the original Reflector version. Thanks a lot.
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