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  1. If you need any further help, don't hesitate you are welcome
  2. Start by analyzing the language used to write the application, then you can understand how it does communications to the server if it runs on your local PC then you can intercept the traffic and see what it sends and receives, many tools and tutorials exist for this purpose you can start playing with Fiddler or HttpDebugger to see if it fits your needs.
  3. Password reset function and emoticons are fixed now
  4. The migration wasn't easy, still fixing some bugs
  5. Sorry for the inconvenience but we had some problems with our previous host and had to close down for a while Special Thanks to my old friend "who wishes to stay anonymous" for providing the new host. Registration is open again.
  6. There are several good decompilers for Java on the web, try http://www.javadecompilers.com
  7. Turbo Active is a licensing component and not a protection, If you patched the file correctly then it should work according to the patch Check that it doesn't have a native image "ngen" that gets executed instead of your patched version
  8. Thanks I added a local mirror smartassembly-ptr-sizeof-fixer-1.0-by-kao--lkt-pro_.zip
  9. Thanks I added a mirror here confuserex-protections-call-killer-1_0.zip
  10. you can use dnspy if you don't have a good experience with MSIL opcodes
  11. I think you need to understand the assembly code for that function, watch which registers it changes when it returns 1 or 0 to the caller usually MOV EAX, 1 and RET put a BP on that function, when it's called, edit the first instruction of its code to get the correct result in the registers and then return to the caller, you can use x64dbg to apply patches to the file.
  12. https://dzo.es/Assembly/ https://dzo.es/Assembly/The Assembly Programming Master Book.chm
  13. Mr.Exodia is also working on this project ?
  14. Note : Always get the latest code and compile it, this attached build is obsolete.
  15. you mean they are native files ? not managed code ?
  16. Description: Project Old Rod is an automated command-line utility that attempts to disassemble any .NET application protected by the KoiVM virtualiser plugin for ConfuserEx. Additionally, it tries to recompile the VM code back to .NET CIL in an attempt to recover the original code. Project Old Rod is released under the GPLv3 license. Screenshot : Author/Credits : Me (Washi). Homepage/Website : https://github.com/Washi1337/OldRod Keep in mind it is a work in progress. Tutorial: In the README.md. Please read it. Reading manuals might save your life one day Compiled by @kao oldrod-Release.zip
  17. https://github.com/antlr/grammars-v4 https://tomassetti.me/parsing-any-language-in-java-in-5-minutes-using-antlr-for-example-python/ Design and implementation for SQL parser based on ANTLR https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/5485593
  18. http://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software2/IDA_Pro_7.2.181105_x86_x64_Hex-Rays_Decompilers_x64_Downloadly.ir.rar
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