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  1. It's a fake. A demo version. I own a legal license for this protector and menus from retail version are missing. And one more thing. If you create a new project the encryption constant stay the same which is just in demo version only.
  2. Great. It was a good source for sharing.
  3. giv


    Not much added value. Just the first point seems interesting. I own a Eazfuscator license which is a great software with a great developer. The most interesting feature is VM and the fact you can integrate in your code the protector functions. I make some oscillation on prolonging my subscription or not.
  4. giv


    I own a Eazfuscator license and i can say that the software is not hard to use, it come with a detailed help, is integrated in Visual Studio and support by the author is great.
  5. So you test us on your projected login module?
  6. Hi. From my experience VB6 is the most easy thing to unpack. The OEP is always 1128 RVA (or near) and imports always start from 1000 RVA. The OEP even is stolen you can easy restore. Push xxxxx (VB5/6 string) Call ThunRTMain So you will always arrive at OEP by place a HWBP on ThunRTMain on access and watch the stack to return at the caller address.
  7. OK. So no unpacked file. I will create a unpackme then.
  8. OK. Can you post the unpacked file?
  9. Hi. Tell me about that. Was it hard?
  10. Hi guys. Today i have made a small keygenme. The algo is very simple (getting to the algo is not). Difficulty : 4 Language : .NET Platform : Windows X86/X64 OS Version : XP and above Packer / Protector : Eazfuscator Description : Simple keygenme with short computing algo. Simple Keygenme 2016 - giv.rar
  11. The author give me a 50% discount so was more than acceptable for what it can do.
  12. A bit too expensive IMHO.
  13. I have chosen Eazfuscator.
  14. Can you post the unpacked version as is required by the thread?
  15. The serial work only if you don't move the app into another path.
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