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  1. I want to unpack ILprotector 2.0.14. I could not success with Codecracker's tool. Please how to unpack it. Guide me plz .   http://www.gulfup.com/?eBpC2N    
  2. other things the last version of ILProtect can't be detected by PE identifier like ExeInfoPe or others and can't be unpacked
  3. I tested it but after UniversalFix the dumped file exit just after run and ILProtectUnpacker give 0 methode Decrypted
  4. thank you brother but I have a problem, if you have some idea for me : I try to scan a .Net File packed first by ILProtect 2.0.7 and repacker with Enigma Protector, I unpacked Enigma By a simple Dump, and I get the file packed with ILProtect, this file is comed by dump, so I can't execute It, and your great tool can't unpack this dump, have you any idea for unpacking this Dump Protected by ILProtect or an idea to unpack Enigma to extract the main file packed by ILProtect
  5. Thanks for the great tool but I found a Problem plz tell me what is the problem
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