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  1. Uhm....... The general rule about reversing/cracking tell that we have to have at least a good programmer experience in the type of language the target use, and I'm not........ But before quit this job I may try to enable the "save to clipboard" option----------->may be enough to save using paint f.e. BTW I don't understand in which way TestComplete may help me in locate the code to patch it.
  2. I will try very deep in the week-end, many thanks for your effort. At the moment i was able to remove the demo limitation: no rotation, no demo watermark, no code deleted (you may try with a C++ souces of your, not the short demo) but no progress related to save... OK!! I was able in getting the bmp image of my flowchart in the clipboard. This means we may bypass the save to clipboard demo limitation, but now what is the next step? I just was able in saving to bmp with a shareware program: GimeSpace3d. The point is do you think that the code of the program is patchable? I have try to put some breakpoint on windows messagges, but no luck.... If you're tired with this job, no prob: I may understand, even worse you have help me in a splendid way
  3. Who is newbie (like me) in art of reversing/cracking, may found a good help with a non intrusive debugger. At the moment I utilize two debugger: the uncomparable "x64dbg" and the best for games "Cheat Engine". x64dbg is absolutelly fabolous, but it is an intrusive debugger. Cheat Engine is "game oriented", but also incorporate a good debugger, but the beauty is that it also get us a NOT intrusive debugger; I refer about the possibility of look at the code of the running program and letting us the possibility of reading all memory, patch on the fly, get handle of windows, pause the process, etc. with NO NEED to attach the debugger (unless of course you wanna set breakpoint); so many time when the prog is packed we may, without unpacking ( a very hard way for a newbie) we get the code with full reference to string, intercall, etc. with no care about antidebugging tricks. F.e. in the past I remember I was able to patch on the fly an Armadillo protected program who is infamous to lock debugger creating a child process. IMO for the newbie Cheat Engine may be an excellent strument.
  4. Many thanks, I'll try, I didn't know the value of utilizing an app like "TestComplete" for reversing purpose. At the moment here is the max I have obtained....... It is a Cheat Engine table. visustin.CT
  5. I have just tried with "Mercury QuickTest" , but after a record session, and forcing the prog to use its SAVEIMAGE function I obtain an error coz the function may not be called doing some wrong parameter. BTW I'll retry with the other prog you have linked to me,........... see you after the try. Thanks Upgrade: Maybe I don't understand what the program offers (seem to be more evolute then Mercury...), I have enabled the trial, create the script, recorded some session then trying to insert new event, but I wasn't able in obtaining anythingh. Maybe a little pratical example with the program you know? Thanks
  6. Uhm..... I have try but a full flowchart of my prog is 9400*8200 it's impossible to capture the full bmp. BTW the second prog is interesting for the fake registration protection.
  7. We are speaking about 2 different software... The first is the one you drive me to look it better with winspy. The other software (always a code2flowchart) is that I suppose have got a FAKE registration procedure: who reverse this prog may be glad to have easy found the key, but in fact is NOT, so at this point the prog seems to be activate, but in fact crash after a few minutes you use it--------->IMO this situation is intentional from the programmer...... the classical " lark mirror ". Am I just enabled to send PM? otherways may I send here link to download programs? p.s. I'm so silly......... please look the entire post on the other forum, you'll get the demo and the full version of the second prog........
  8. Many thanks to all, after full examining at the best of my ability I'm now convinced that the demo version does not include all code.... So now I'm concentrate on a new target (always a code to flowchart generation where something strange appears: - demo version does NOT save to file, and permit only a few nested level (this limitation I was able in patch it...) but is NOT buggy - full version require a serial to register, and the guy who helped me even have supply to me the (pascal) source for the key generation, BTW: the full version does register, but then the program: let us to save, but become absolute buggy as if this is intentional. In other way, seems to me that the registration is a fake only to illuse the reverse that was able in crack the program; f.e. no more than 2 nested level are allowed, while the demo (patched by me ) have un unlimited number of level. So I'm convinced that the serial is checked in other (more hidden) way. Did you find any other programs with this type of protection?
  9. I never heard about this program. Really cool, so now I'll don't take the "dark side", but now I have a "new hope" . many thanks. Danrevella ((°J°))
  10. Mant thanks, but please a last question: Do you mean that when I know the handle used by the prog I may utilize it in an external program written by me?
  11. @CodeExplorer: many thanks for upload the binary, but I would like (if it is possible) also looking at the source, so maybe I may learn something... No prob if you can't of course.
  12. OK, I understand: every prog may be different from another. But I have found no tutorials about the argoment I propose: only ......... how to register a prog..... and I have NOT this possibility in this prog. A pratical example: I'm actually in course of reversing a prog who generate splendid flowchart starting from code c/c++/autoit and many other language, but unfortunelly: 1 the save option (bmp/png/pdf) disabled 2 "copy to clipboard" option disabled 3 i have to disable all demo limitation while the flowchart is create: f.e. rotation, code deleted, watermark, etc. Different problems, but in case 1) I may try to write myself an utility to capture f.e. in bmp the entire contenute of a window. or try an utility who is able in performing this action (I have to precise that the window I would like to capture is always greater then my deskstop, f.e. I shoul save a 9400*8200 size so PrintScreen or similiar is NOT an option). In case 2) what I think is that the program does hook a windows function and patch it, so inside the program pressing CTL-c -----------> goto the NAG bypassing Window original function The case 3 is the only abbordable coz we may trace while the flowchart is generated and bypassing the nag calls Any help, any ideas? Thanks for read me. Danrevella p.s. May I tell "I'm the good boy"? ----------------> according to forum rules I have not mentioned the name of this prog......
  13. Hi I'm new, i really would like a re-upload. thanks
  14. Hi!!! F.e. Many time, looking at a demo/shareware prog while debugging/dissasembly I have the impression that some "trial-restricted" function ARE in the prog but instead a nag is called, so f.e. the save function, export to pdf, etc....... No registration box is present, if you want the full version you'll pay and get a link to the full version of prog, so I even don't know how to start...... Many tutorial give help to register a program, but what if registration is not present? I have try also to capture windows messagges, but no luck......... Maybe anyone may drive me on the right way? Thanks to all
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