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  1. I'm using vs2012, i like it just because i have ultimate on this version
  2. It's the target c# or your keygen code in c# ? I think, it's still same.. you can use GetThreadContext in c#
  3. Apakekdah

    Dotnet Loader

    What is the different with PCode in VB6 ?
  4. Hmm.. it's make me curious.. ^_^
  5. Isn't sentinel SL using key file to run your app ? As far as i remember, there is a tuts on ARTeam site for Sentinel SL..
  6. Why, it's doesn't work in my 7 x64 ?Is there any compatibility should i use ?
  7. Isn't that RDTSC using EDX for result the counter ? CMIIW :unsure:
  8. Hi..FYI, it's not portal.b-at.s.info but portal.b-at-s.info.. I think, you're wrong in write the address :D and portal.b-at-s.info still avaible for redirecting to our portal. and old link still valid too.. :wub:
  9. I recommend that if you want to work as IT, DO NOT be in IT companies
  10. There is no documented about msvbvm60 lib.. you're need to find by ur self using IDA or something like that..
  11. to avoid any search engine find those words in this boards..
  12. @revert yes.. i just contact him via email.. hope, he will accept my request :D @CPA That's why i want to backup that..
  13. @revert it' that ok, if i put all the papers on this portal ? btw, where can i contact him ?
  14. Hi kurapica,I think it's better leave the Olly Advance if you're using 7.. Coz, sometime those can make you headache ;)
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