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  1. I must agree that vb.net sucks big time...
  2. Whats this all about then?
  3. Hi mate, its been a while
  4. You can trust that source no problem. Did not know Ricardo made a new tut series. I love Ricardo's work.
  5. Not that I have any experience with Mac but doesn't IDA pro support Mac.
  6. What I've done before is create a new same size public/private key pair and resign with the new private key. Locate the public key in the application and replace with your own new public key. If there are no tamper checks then this should work. If there are checks then you can create a loader that replaces the public key in memory. Good luck
  7. lol, very late... but happy birthday bro.
  8. Erm, yeah... I think there is some misunderstanding here. Stealth64 does not allow you to debug x64 applications in Olly, it allows you to debug x86 applications. Olly is a 32 bit app, so is unable to debug 64 bit. Stealth just fixes some incompatibilities and hides Olly.
  9. Hi JeRRy, Could you PM me the VMP sample you are testing. Maybe your strongOD with settings as well. I'll take a look. Cheers, revert
  10. Hi JeRRy, I threw together this small plugin for you. I just ripped the code from Stealth64 concerning debug registers and put it in this plugin. You should be able to use it in combination with any other anti-anti plugin of choice. OllyDrxHelper.zip
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