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  1. Thanks CodeCracker i successfully dump the x64bit assembly with your tool
  2. Thanks CC i'll try it and reply soon......
  3. hi all, Any one know how to dump .net 64bit assembly packed with some packer. i used "megadumper" by codecracker and it works on 32bit assembly. i dumped successfully the 32bit assembly but, for the same software of 64bit version, i am not getting any success. is there any dumper or any trick for megadumper??? to dump 64bit assembly.
  4. How to set BP on all procedures at once in olly????
  5. help me to reverse this software http://refhide.com/?http://www.dgflick.in/Updates/DMXpressPRO-1.0.zip i can't understand how to debug this and how to reverse this type of software
  6. Thanks. I'll try it. Is there any tutorial about that than please share with me. once again Thanks for reply
  7. hi i am new for vc++ 2008 or 2010 exe i dont know how to debug it. I tried classic dotnet reflector on win xp sp3 but it shows an error no cil information present. so please tell me which decompiler or debuger is used for that Thanks
  8. no. i want compiled pe for 1.15.00. Thanks for reply
  9. can any one please upload the compiled pe of SAE 1.15, because i dont have vs2010 to compile source code Thanks
  10. wow really nice one. can u please post here source code, so i can make my app very better, and also for me where i m wrong in writing this algorithm thanks
  11. hi all i think this is a hard one for all crackers.
  12. yes, i found some application that is protected with this type of serial and activation , that's why i developed my own code.
  13. 22 views no reply let me explain some i coded some check points to make it easier for you guys ex. the application key = 12345-22222-33333-44444-55551 notice that the first character of 12345 that is 1 and the last character of 55551 that is also 1. this key gives you success on first step. but it gives message "INVALID APP KEY 4". if you write another key other than my example it gives "INVALID APP KEY 3" message. best of luck!!!!
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