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  1. Hi Friends,.. After a long time I was fiddling with an assembly recently. Licensing is done through TurboActive.exe I load the target in dnSpy, I patch one value of FLAG and target runs via dnSpy without any issues. But when i get into the function which sets that flag to FALSE , I patch it to always return TRUE but even if it shows it returns TRUE, when it again returns to that function , it becomes FALSE . I try to study deeper, I find its all done through this TurboActivate protection DLLs. Then I go and study this https://wyday.com/limelm/help/using-turboactivate-with-csharp/ Manual. But still I wonder how do i patch it forever so i can run the app beyond dnSpy. I tried to search tutorials on how to deal with this protection. but I didnt find anything in such details which can help me. So, as always when its related to .NET , this board is the best place to raise query. I asked CodeCracker on other forum but no replies there. So hopefully someone here must have dealt with this somewhere. Thanks n Regards... M@F!A
  2. New thing learned today ,..!! Nice one bro ,.. keep em coming ,.!!
  3. anyone can write tutor over it?
  4. I'm sorry Kay,.. I was away for a while.. Was having a very crappy machine with me recently... Didnt login over here for a long.. I patched it and also made a tutor ( I did it many times with same prog old versions too ). btw, if u want to try , Here is the target link ... www.pairtradefinder.com u can get tutor also from http://tpodt.net16.net/?p=237 or http://www.multiupload.com/3I45CZ9GU6 I would love to learn if it can be keygenned in any case...!! Regards,.. M@F!A
  5. Thanks everyone... ksanket , Tonyweb & MasterUploader.. Even though somehow u manage to keygen it. Its just a local verification. Actual key comes from server :P. So patching is the only way. :D. Thanks again, Dropped idea of keygenning.
  6. thanks KSanket but buddy,.. PMs seems close for me :P. Cant use PM Service. Target is commercial and I really dont want to offend any board rule here. Check ur PM on other board :). Sent u link over there. Kindly educate me how to do it. I'm new to .net and also to programming. Left programming 10 yrs back. Restarting is fun though. :)
  7. Rooster1, Bro, sorry late , but its fantastic ... :) Thanks for sharing. I m learning .NET programming as well as reversing. :)
  8. I'm learning VB.NET programming although i m a very slow learner :(. I m trying to create a keygen but somehow got stuck at somepoint str5 = (str5 & ((str3.Chars((num2 - 1)) - "A"c) - (str4.Chars((num2 - 1)) - "F"c)).ToString) This is what reflector is giving me. Now when i copy and paste it in VB.NET express edition 2008. Its throwing errors related to CHARS and "-" operator. If any keygenner here would like to take , can send whole code in PM as the application is commercial dont wanna violate forum rules. Thanks in Advance. M@F!A
  9. Thanks Bro CR,.. Will test it and report u if i wont understand much or i do more mistakes. :P Kindly bear with me as i m learning DotNet reversing. Thanks agian .. Cheers,
  10. Thanks CR,.. Link PMed. Also would wish if u point out my mistakes so i dont repeat it again. Thank you again. Regards Mafia
  11. Hello Masters, I'm slowly slowly learning DotNet reversing. Today I found a prog protected with DotNet Reactor 3.9 ( said by protectionID). Here is what i had done so far. Run the target File. Dumped it via DotNet Dumper by CR. Loaded dumped file into Decryptor by CR. It failed and said not a dotNet application :(. Loaded Target into CFF Explorer , Tried to do string Search
  12. Thanks CodeRipper, Its looking Sexy :)
  13. Thanks Revert Edit :: >> This is called height of stupidity. I was already registered there which i came to know when a pop up said i m already there in the database. Poor me.
  14. Hey Thanks Revert, Still some issues with signing up with portal.b-at-s I can not get Captcha image while signing up. And without that I can not download things which r needed. Can anybody rescue? I tried with IE8, Google Chrome, Mozilla FF & Opera. :(
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