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  1. @zhuk: https://mega.nz/#!QtRXRYgb!85KR2ZUeO5w276noGO4k2UjgiOnXy-6DZFLfKBf868M
  2. @skypeaful: I only have the source code (attached). You could try Pediy, it looks like they have also the binaries. But I don't have an account there and I don't read Chinese to make one.. strongnameremove_src.zip
  3. I think he was just helping out with the Appveyor setup: https://github.com/Washi1337/OldRod/pull/10
  4. Thanks to Washi and Mr.Exodia you can always get the latest build from Appveyor: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/Washi1337/OldRod/branch/master/artifacts :)
  5. Yes, if there's some security issue to fix. Otherwise, in my opinion it's not worth the effort - the forum is not very active lately..
  6. IDA 7.x moved to 64-bit executables. But you can disassemble and debug x86 files just fine.. :) 32-bit version of IDA 7.0 exists. It was done only to allow easy migration of plugins. You need to request it specifically from HexRays (see https://www.hex-rays.com/updida.shtml). I have never seen one to be leaked to public. There is no 32-bit version of IDA 7.1/7.2/7.3.
  7. It's brilliant!!!1111 ...because who doesn't need a password manager that: a) on startup writes all your passwords in plaintext to the HDD: https://github.com/nrosvall/ylva/blob/2a4afcfb3727151fa09fdd7fa4bd58954b457dd6/Ylva/MainWindow.cs#L175 if (!this._aesMachine.DecryptFile(dlg.MasterPassword, this._settings.StoragePath + EncryptionConstants.ENCRYPTED_FILE_EXTENSION, this._settings.StoragePath)) b) keeps your master password in plain text in the RAM all the time: https://github.com/nrosvall/ylva/blob/2a4afcfb3727151fa09fdd7fa4bd58954b457dd6/Ylva/EncryptionSession.cs#L7 internal class EncryptionSession { internal string MasterPassword { get; set; } c) keeps all your passwords decrypted in the RAM all the time: https://github.com/nrosvall/ylva/blob/2a4afcfb3727151fa09fdd7fa4bd58954b457dd6/Ylva/StorageManager.cs#L129-L133 JsonSerializerSettings s = new JsonSerializerSettings(); string json = File.ReadAllText(this._path); this._storage = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Storage>(json); this._view.Render(this._storage);
  8. 1) Why do you think it's a modified UPX? 2) Did you try CodeCracker's suggestion about standard pushad/popad method?
  9. From https://twitter.com/mayahustle/status/1090678768866394114
  10. If you only need to change 10 occurences of a string, use a hex editor. It will work very reliably. dnSpy, on the other hand, will try to build a completely new assembly and will most likely f*ck up lots of stuff in the process, especially if some of the code is obfuscated.
  11. Has anyone confirmed that this "tutorial" actually works? Because I just tried it on VS2013 Community and it still says "30 day trial license" and "Expires in X days"
  12. https://lifeinhex.com/why-morons-shouldnt-be-writing-about-security-part-4/
  13. kao

    .net Spider .v1.2

    My link for v1.1 is still valid (see post #67). v1.2 - https://mega.nz/#!0gpmBKCa!m5lJDa17bjPvbGbrag0bYb58J2BGS0bTDeELbwKKtHA
  14. ...that's what happens when idiots write articles and even bigger idiots make headlines for them. :D Oracle will start charging: - only commercial users (eg. companies); - only for updates (not Java itself!); - for Java 8 (which is old and outdated and a security nightmare anyway); Feel the difference?
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