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  1. JeRRy

    XHEO DeployLX 5.0

  2. JeRRy


    x86 http://sourceforge.net/projects/dile/files/DILE/v0.2.13/dile_v0_2_13_x86.zip/download x64 http://sourceforge.net/projects/dile/files/DILE/v0.2.13/dile_v0_2_13_x64.zip/download
  3. it's definitely Molebox. btw crashes here too on my main os
  4. I see you're trying to crack every forensic investigation softwares :D
  5. Never used Windbg except for crash dump analysis. Use Ollydbg for debug. Much faster. oh and DILE, it can handle most "weird" .NET executables
  6. @Eth3real Try to search WupiEncryptCode (WIBU/CodeMeter SDK API) on your executable/dlls. If found, then you will probably need valid license/dongle to decrypt.
  7. SAE v1.15.00 r579 (latest i think) source code http://rghost.net/55076511 Have fun
  8. Right after de4dot release, so i guess
  9. Not need to register link http://rghost.net/53755195
  10. This is the last 1.15 build i've compiled a year ago. If anyone have newer build please share.
  11. Strong Name Remove 2.3 http://rghost.net/51667939
  12. JeRRy


    Appfuscator 2.5 released Added support for Watermark Algorithm Improved billing system The integration of the payment gateway "Робокасса" Now every user can find the most convenient method of payment ! A program for reading Watermark Updated software client for Windows: refined interface and fixes some bugs Updated hardware platform , now your obfuscation will take place even faster! http://appfuscator.com/web/download/AppFuscator.exe
  13. Download *.config file from one his tools and rename it to StringDecryptor.exe.config
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