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  1. @kao That being said... people will also pay for software if the price is what they consider reasonable for the product they are getting. They will even settle for a piece of software riddled with ads like half of the stuff on android or windows 10. so it looks like just like movies, music and books, software programmers are also finding alternate revenue stream as well. I not calling any one a pirate. Hell i don't care if your ( meaning anyone's) entire system is pirated. it's none of my business and i really don't care. my point was piracy affects all of their revenue streams and yes if an artist is no longer making income on whatever their talent may be, they will eventually stop just as a programmer will stop if he/she is no longer making money from their art.
  2. The same could be said for any piracy. Movies music, book, etc.. Sure you can download free stuff and all but if an author is not being paid for their work they will simply stop and when the piracy becomes greater than the paying customer we could lose out on those things.
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    nice work Jerry. very much appreciated
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