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  1. bprg

    What packer?

    It seems protected by safenet
  2. bprg

    Exetools forum

    Some people have solved the puzzle this way. https://guidedhacking.com/showthread.php?9731-someone-at-these-Sites
  3. Very Easy, Thanks to CodeCracker Tools. ggggg.rar
  4. You must using VS version if you want more options.
  5. I tried CloneMethod When the newMethod HasThis set to false could not able to update Parameters operand, What is solutions?
  6. bprg

    Hello and bye

    It was very bad news :( , you're always remembered.
  7. JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1.1 License Key. ActivationCode.rar
  8. Please re-upload the source.
  9. bprg

    Migrate to dnlib

    @n0thing My target CLR is 4 your code return 2
  10. bprg

    Migrate to dnlib

    @kao The ImageCor20Header.MajorRuntimeVersion returns Core header major version not CLR runtime major version, The Metadata.VersionString returns string value I want just return major version but always returns null, Please see the following screenshot.
  11. bprg

    Migrate to dnlib

    @n0thing I've tried the MajorVersion always returns 1 value.
  12. bprg

    Migrate to dnlib

    Why the MajorVersion & MinorVersion always returns null ? What is correct way to detect CLR MajorVersion ? writer.TheOptions.MetaDataOptions.MetaDataHeaderOptions.MajorVersion;
  13. bprg

    Migrate to dnlib

    The following code works. void OnWriterEvent(object sender, ModuleWriterListenerEventArgs e) { var writer = (ModuleWriterBase) sender; if (e.WriterEvent == ModuleWriterEvent.Begin) { SetSubsystem(writer); } } private void SetSubsystem(ModuleWriterBase writer) { writer.TheOptions.PEHeadersOptions.Subsystem = Subsystem.WindowsGui; }
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