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  1. Description : SmartAssembly Ptr SizeOf Fixer 1.0 is the tool which remove Prt junk from assembly protected by SmartAssembly, this tool is made by me - skypeaful aka LKT Pro and kao (Orginal code) For example code Excutable protected which SmartAssembly which clean by de4dot Example: private unsafe string method_0() { string Test = "Deob me"; void* ptr = stackalloc void[8]; *(int*)ptr = Test.Length; string text = ""; *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) = ; while (*(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) < *(int*)ptr) { if (*(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) > && *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) % 4 == ) { text += "-"; } text += Test[*(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4)]; *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) = *(int*)((byte*)ptr + 4) + 1; } return text; } Screenshot : Author/Credits : kao (Orginal code), skypeaful aka LKT Pro (I made some change for automatic for each method and highlight,...) Download : Usage: Drap and drop .exe which you want to fix to tool This tool is just remove some parts like kao said in orginal topic: https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/38253-help-request-deobfuscate-net-code/?do=findComment&comment=182265 So if you want more please share idea which me for coding, thank for any contributation.
  2. Description : ConfuserEx Protections Call Killer 1.0 is the tool which remove junk methods from assembly protected by ConfuserEx, this tool is made by Reza H.N.A, I just sharer Screenshot : Author/Credits : Reza H.N.A Homepage : Nothing found Download :
  3. Please reup these tool, thank
  4. Please someone reup v2.3, thank
  5. skypeaful

    JSKing 1.8

    A lightweight, yet efficient application that acts both as a compiler and debugger for various JavaScript source code files and snippets JavaScript(JS) is a programming language widely used in web design and in the development of games and or desktop and mobile applications. JSKing is a handy piece of software tailored to work with JavaScript source code files, allowing you to edit, run or debug them, depending on the problem they present. Intuitive tool for editing and running JavaScript files The application allows you to view the content of JS source code files, then edit and compile it, to see if the added code blocks are correct. Furthermore, you are able to quickly debug your code snippets, just in case some logical error occurred and your code does not compile properly. Furthermore, the program highlights the syntax of the keywords specific to the JavaScript programming language, so you can easily spot functions, variables and other similar elements. When running a script or code snippet, the application will display if any runtime errors occurred, pointing you to the line or lines that have problems, thus allowing you to quickly spot and fix any code breakpoints. Handy source code compressor JSKing provides you with a small, yet important utility that compresses your source code files and snippets. This means that it eliminates any unnecessary characters or elements that do not affect the functionality of your code, such as blank spaces or comments. This is a highly useful feature, because most JavaScript source files run on the web, thus reducing their size can optimize loading speeds and webpage responsiveness. An overall flexible and sturdy code editor To conclude, JSKing provides you with an efficient environment for creating, editing, debugging and compiling JavaScript source code pages, script and snippets. As with any new arrival, it still has some features that need polishing, such as the addition of multiple tabs for each source code file, which could significantly increase accessibility. Download in below: JSKing_1.8_skypeaful_CiN1teAm.rar
  6. This app is used to capture http and https packets via VPN service, it can DECODE and SAVE the captured data automatically and easily. It's super useful for Android developers while debugging, and it can also be helpful for general users to save your browsing history including pictures. Features: 1. Capture http and https packets IN NO TIME, then save these information automatically. 2. No need to root. 3. Decode GZIP, CHUNK and even IMAGES! 4. Open source. 5. Decode https packets using man-in-the-middle technique. 6.The floating window feature allows you to view the results of the capture and use the app at the same time. 7.Capture Audio 8.Capture Video 9.search capture result 10.category data 11.parse udp data Because of the system limit from Android 6.0,some app may not use the internet. Here are some advices: 1.Specify the apps or hosts your want to capture. 2.If you want to debug your app ,modify manifest file according to https://developer.android.com/training/articles/security-config.html. HAVE A TRY! You won't be disappointed! Download Quote: http://rgho.st/7T4rfQGvW If notify invalid license & buy from store appear, just skip it by press back key on your phone
  7. skypeaful

    Exetools forum

    If you can't solve the puzzle, here is link for how to registration in exetools solve by me: Good luckAny way just follow the tips
  8. Here is it http://rgho.st/6XfmBZsyF Tool in chinese language, I don't have sample to test. I hope you can find useful in this.
  9. I found a tool from chinese can remove that virus If you need it, I will upload .exe
  10. Here is jeb-2.2.7 full - not found password I wrote bruteforce tool rc4 password for jeb (Code is quite easy - need to improve), file in attachment. Password found will store at c:\jeb_pw.txt If anyone found password, please share :D Usage bruteforce tool: Drag and drop .encrypted file in \bin to JEB_BruteForce.exe JEB_BruteForce_skypeaful.rar
  11. jeb 2.2.5 cracked mega link: https://mega.nz/#F!Vg0DgQoS!JvZTalHaXzdBAADheQa8mQ Chinese site is hard to download but they cracked so fast :)
  12. I have already read this topic. You said RC4 is uncrackable but I don't know why scz get the password. Maybe he ask PNF Company. P/S: I found funny python script bruteforce RC4: https://gist.github.com/cosu/4017169 Maybe the problem is time :q
  13. http://jebbuilds2.s3.amazonaws.com/8a9734a42e547735/jeb- jeb 2.2.5 with debugger. I can't find password for decrypt it. Maybe someone can write java bruteforce program to find it. I guess password in alphabet with lowercase (Because in old version 2.0.6, someone found password, decrypt and make cracked version above).
  14. Thank I'm understand a bit now :D LKT Pro JHzBoNldxaAu2omyOA22+I4OFdmu9VdxN6Qq1om/F89oONzzgvAwL5qZxiQoYT7T
  15. Hey, how about keygenning this crackme? I'm don't know about keygenning RSA net. It's take a long time to learn. Here is unpacked file :) http://rghost.net/7Cq57ZLBj Can anybody help me how can you keygen it? Please share, I'm want to learn.
  16. Intro (from Gem's Software Solutions) The .Net Anti-Decompiler is a protective tool for .Net assemblies. It provides an extra layer of security and compliance to your .Net application from reverse engineering. .Net Anti-Decompiler helps in failing class browser tools to reflect your source code. The .Net assembly files .exe and .dll can be protected using this software. Review: Hello all, today I will share a simple tool protect .net from decompile by .net Reflector. (Infact, as I know it's simple change NumberOfRvaAndSizes. Open CFF Explorer -> Nt Headers -> Optional Header-> NumberOfRvaAndSizes then decrease value -> .net Reflector can't see the decompile code). I patched the demo to full so you can using it's forever without enter serial code. I can't keygen it, maybe some pro can do it for fun :D Below is the video introduce it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ6hhL_QCxg Link download: (cracked by skypeaful) http://rghost.net/6KL5YnWTL Enjoy! This app for newbies only :D
  17. Username: LKT Pro Serial: A180-4A6D-CE84-83B9-A79F-DE08-5955-DA63
  18. I amn't unpacked it, just fishing serial :D Username: LKT Pro Serial: 1B1B-B8E2-80BD-D77C-0EBD-3CD5-9B20-E85B
  19. So easy :D Username: LKT Pro Serial: 79CC-5A53-65C3-45E2-4073-F0A4-112F-AFA1
  20. Hey, Does anyone have EazUnlock tool? Please share direct download link. I don't have account in Nulled.cr and I also can't registration on this site because nulled.cr block registration in my country :(
  21. Hey all, today I will share a tut from yq8dev about decrypt Appfuscator Strings. Download article here Thank a lot yq8dev for clearly tutorial.
  22. Hope portal will be back soon :D
  23. Ya that's correct, thank for try this keygenme :)
  24. http://www.mediafire.com/?3zyd1gt6wh1o4gp Rule: No patching. Make valid keygen :D Enjoy keygenning!
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