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  1. hi 0xd4d, Can you add more future for Dnspy? -show simultaneously the two windows or more (Local and Memory...) -add context menu "Debug a PE file" (This PE is'nt .net assembly and it exist in tree list) -add "Watch" window -Analyze a resource when found string in the search window. -When debug a program and show memory window, can go to offset by enter variable? (ex: *str = "0xd4d", str=0x0abc=> enter str then jump to 0x0abc address) Thank you.
  2. The crack applies to jeb2demo_v2.0.0.201508011650 or later version.
  3. Some methods does not decompile in demo version test on JEB2DEMO v2.0.4.201508112100
  4. for Orginal: Crack: jeb2demo_2.0.0.201508011650_crack.zip ^crack above support for JEB v2.0.4.201508102349 demo.
  5. try add a future to decompile ".resource" to ".resx" when "Save Code" or view decompile in dnSpy. MS have a tool "resgen". usage: resgen file.resources file.resx thank you. dnSpy is power tools.
  6. congviet

    JetBrains tools

    Keygen for ReSharper 9 Ultimate:
  7. RedGate.NET.Reflector.v8.4.0.39 .NET Reflector 8.4 release notes October 27th, 2014This is a minor release of .NET Reflector, which includes the following bug fixes: EnhancementsSupports Visual Studio 2014 CTP. FixesFix an issue with the .NET Reflector Visual Studio add-in, which could cause Visual Studio to crash http://download.red-gate.com/checkforupdates/ReflectorInstaller/ReflectorInstaller_8.4.0.39.exe
  8. You can view on: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/81827183/Reverse-NET-Software-V
  9. Hi, contact you through PM or email?
  10. I create a Omega.cs file in the de4dot.code.deobbfuscators and rebuild it, but i don't know to use this function.
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