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  1. what about xamarin within visual studio?
  2. feel free to share you intel on the native files, maybe someone can help
  3. http://www.52pojie.cn/thread-547547-1-1.html down.52pojie.cn/Tools/Android_Tools/jeb- crack for version 2.2.7 was released. edit: unfortunately i get a java specific error, when i try to execute it, probably a 32/64bit problem on my side. it doesnt like special chars in path...
  4. as long as you supply the important data to the user, they can recover it. its just a matter of time and motivation, as every obfuscation besides renaming can be reversed. putting it into the cloud is obviously not the ultimate answer to all questions, but cracking a login or server is much harder and if implemented properly, nearly unbreakable
  5. easily is relative..i havent seen anyone finishing a automated unpacker supporting all modes
  6. Sad to hear. I agreee with kurapica, please just take a break, you are way to good to permanently leave! However i'd like to say thanks for all the sources you released and wish you all the best for exploring new fields.
  7. cool project, would be nice to combine this with a flow graph
  8. How could you forget about german: nichts
  9. http://www.codeproject.com/Tips/1030472/Setting-The-Virtual-Desktop-Background-In-Windows Maybe this helps?
  10. not only register, you need some award points for downlaoding...i'll ask shadow for a direct link
  11. li0nsar3c00l RFHtaxXmVRvEQcuozrwOxJ2gylZZTFFW2RvUu6Xc0Sw6Z4DnhkY4zq5hWofNTVPf did i just downloaded the wrong crackme or did you forgot to update the good boy message?
  12. li0nsar3c00l TwviH9msuDbtJ43czmGPH9Lkz6oD/mryd3ZIkcqlbP5X/oaXhcgS+xvWan/IVcnP lets try it one more time :D
  13. damn, first i just checked string.compare and posted the wrong serial, then i updated the post asking to delete it. and i upadte it with the proper serial and boom it gets deleted :D
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