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  1. Thanks you. Where i can find info for deobfuscate this file? Maybe tutorials or tools. Thanks!
  2. Yes, ofc: Link: http://www28.zippyshare.com/v/BbcZDu9Q/file.html
  3. Hello. What is the packer? Link: http://rgho.st/7TsqRKb2s (sry, i can't upload file to forum)
  4. What is the best protector for .NET programs do you think?)
  5. I can not withdraw from such obfuscation: use de4dot 1.8.1 When I try, I see this error:
  6. I can not get rid of obfuscation anyway. Can anyone help? Sorry that I ask, but I'm just learning.
  7. And to help and explain it so hard? Or at least send
  8. does not remove the obfuscation from:
  9. Good afternoon. ProtectionID said: Faced with this problem. I can not unpack this software. Who knows how and is there a manual on the new version?
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