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  1. This is the last 1.15 build i've compiled a year ago. If anyone have newer build please share.
  2. @ CodeCracker, unpack the file pass?
  3. @kao "you might get into troubles with DNGuard authors",you can understand that point yet?
  4. ·@xSonoro DnGuard HVM Enterprise V3.66, duly authorized version.
  5. This is the latest version of DnGuard HVM Enterprise V3.66, and all options were used when creating this unpackme. Download Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/s0ovkr
  6. li0nat3r Obfuscator You can share with you? Offers downloads
  7. Send a test file to mee tooo if you can, thanks.
  8. iejoys.dll url:http://u.163.com/ksPXU6fB code:TOjOgOF8
  9. MAxtocode 3.7.5 http://u.163.com/i5TO4gYv Password:wCOrXrCi
  10. @0xd4d maxtocode of anti-aliasing can provide a latest version?
  11. @kao C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin>git clone https://kao@bitbucket.org/kao/dnlib.git Cloning into 'dnlib'... Password for 'https://kao@bitbucket.org': fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://kao@bitbucket.org/kao/dnlib.git/' Please advise the password, or provide the dnlib source, thank you!
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