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  1. I develop NET Core desktop cross-platform application using c#. As I see: my assemblies are particular NET assemblies. The traditional question: how they can be obfuscated?
  2. My task is: create a grammar for my SQL-like DSL and build c# app with interpreter. Give me pls links to manual/help/howto: how to use ANTLR to generate c# target and build my c# g4 lexer, parser interpreter . I have found some pieces on different sites but could not find one short "howto".
  3. I am new in IDA Pro. Is it possible to view disassembled code as "C" code?
  4. ILSpector - decompiler and debugger for the obfuscated .net assemblies http://il4re.ml/ Discussion https://exelab.ru/f/index.php?action=vthread&forum=3&topic=23387&page=7
  5. What about Mac OS: XCode ?
  6. zhuk


    I have tried.... As for me x64dbg is better
  7. I have one Java software used license What can I use to find, edit and repack back the Java code? it is in Windows. Sorry, I am new in Java world. ;-)
  8. Solved. It was obfuscated code, after the deobfuscating I could do it. Thanx to all.
  9. Yes, about 10, but Hex editor does not find them. I try to find "T" (as I see in dnSpy) in HexWorkshop but it finds nothing...
  10. I open assembly dll, have found the place to change, changed, click Save Module and receive: "Writing D:\_deadlocks\ass.Common.dll... Instruction operand is null Error calculating max stack value. If the method's obfuscated, set CilBody.KeepOldMaxStack or MetadataOptions.Flags (KeepOldMaxStack, global option) to ignore this error. Otherwise fix your generated CIL code so it conforms to the ECMA standard. All files written to disk." How can I save the assembly and the use it in app? PS. In other words: I have found that I need to change up to 10 occurrences string "T" to "P". I think probably I can do it with Hex Editor but with dnSpy it is easier.
  11. zhuk

    Exetools forum

    How to use it to solve the puzzle?
  12. Who knows about this kind of tools? Where I can find smth like this? I have found one of, but it is not free https://www.hopperapp.com/
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