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  1. Last build: 25.03.2016 ok too bad, because this has great potential. It's only a fork of ilspy with native disassembler and raw byte editor, for those who wonder but don't want to install it.
  2. hello can you explain why WINTRUST.WinVerifyTrust should return 0 ? thank you
  3. you can right click -> see in hex editor WITHIN dnspy its an inbuilt feature modify from this
  4. I made some things too using a similar concept ; if even then / 2 else +1 repeat and here i show the see of the algo (5)
  5. So now hackers need to be rich ! lol
  6. Android is definitly not the same anymore, its full of shady spyware with their inbuilt apps. Too bad there is no actual OS competitors
  7. a very basic proxy obfuscator based on dnlib de4dot / Pan's genericinlined / Davicore ConfuserEx proxy fixer cannot handle it. Yet its a very very simple piece of code. It copy method body to a new empty method and then adjust the empty method body https://github.com/XenocodeRCE/BasicProxyObfucator
  8. Is it legal to share cracked software here ? Isn't it risky for the forum ?
  9. how did you managed to remove import function ?
  10. you can implement a managed jit and force re-jit the method with it
  11. That is nice, does it contains extra metadata ?
  12. No I don't have enough permission as a normal user
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