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MemoryHacker 1.0

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MemoryHacker 1.0:

MemoryHacker is a tool which can search for values on the target process!
You can use to search/write in the memory of a process.
Can be used for finding information for creating trainers/memory hacking.


First Select a process then do a right mouse click on it and choose "Memory hack",
A new dialog with options will come,
with search type: Full search or Custom search (Customize button),
Customize dialog contains list with Start Address/End Address
in order to perform search only on these ranges.
You can pick up a Module or a memory block.


Type combo specifies the type of variables to search
can be: byte, word, dword, qword, bytes, ASCII string, UNICODE string, float or double.


Base combo specifies the base of "Value to search",
decimal = base 10 and hexadecimal = base 16.


First time you enter "Value to search" and click on "Search" button
in order to find addresses and they will be added to list (Address/Value)


"New value" textbox is used only when you press "Patch" button,
holds the new value to be set!


They are three more options when you right click on list(Address/Value)
"Copy Selected", "Remove Selected" and "Patch Selected".


Read button will read current values of list (Address/Value).


"Remove Not Found" button will read current values of list (Address/Value)
and will remove from list (Address/Value) the ones which
are not equal with "Value to search".


"Patch" button will patch all values of list (Address/Value)
with "New value".


New: Added Inspect Memory option to see bytes at a specific address,
you must specify number of bytes to show. Thanks to crystalboy for suggestion.

Let me know about any bug or if you have any sugestion.


Link download:
Binary: http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/HaFMhYzF/file.html
Source code (VC 6.0): http://www36.zippyshare.com/v/EzM03quL/file.html




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Nice :) I just did a few fixes here and there to make it compatible with VS2015.

Source Code:


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On 7/21/2016 at 7:32 PM, Crypt said:

Nice 🙂 I just did a few fixes here and there to make it compatible with VS2015.

Source Code:


Hi I'm new, i really would like a re-upload. thanks

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10 minutes ago, Kurapica said:

should be fixed now


It is fixed, thanks. Binary (exe) attached to topic start.

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many thanks for upload the binary, but I would like (if it is possible) also looking at the source, so maybe I may learn something...

No prob if you can't of course.

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