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A forum member has not came back since 2036.
Because his forum account had been hacked.
This hack must been came from someone whom wrote a commercial unpacker,
he hate that the forum member's free unpacker took out of his business.
Another possibility is that the hack was from the packer's writer himself.

The forum stores the member's credential in some hash similar to SHA1024,
it was the latest technology in 2032.
This hash is generated from the password only.
Regardless of the security question.
The hack is done by brute-force.
It use keyspace reducing to reduce the years from 10,000 to 4.
It was not the simple loop.
It was un-documented, never got published, only available on dark-net.
If this method even got mentioned on HTTP/HTTPS,
admin will take it down, or the US net army, in the name of DMCA.

The hack took 4 years, given cloud-computing and AI.
From the beginning of the activity of this member.
You know that.
But the cost worth it.

The forum member used the same password accross his accounts,
so all his accounts had got loss at the same time.
He used no real personal info, just like every hacker did.
So Government's docs can't help him to recover his account.
However, only the xHub's team emailed him for what was happening.
And used the most complex AI at the time of 2036,
to make a calculation model on his reply email,
to give enough confidence to confirm his identity to make the recovery.
That's why he is still on xHub, and only on xHub.

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This should be the final episode in Mr.Robot :D

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