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Dealing with TurboActivate

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Hi Friends,..

After a long time I was fiddling with an assembly recently. Licensing is done through TurboActive.exe

I load the target in dnSpy, I patch one value of FLAG and target runs via dnSpy without any issues. But when i get into the function which sets that flag to FALSE , I patch it to always return TRUE but even if it shows it returns TRUE,  when it again returns to that function , it becomes FALSE .

I try to study deeper, I find its all done through this TurboActivate protection DLLs. Then I go and study this https://wyday.com/limelm/help/using-turboactivate-with-csharp/ Manual. But still I wonder how do i patch it forever so i can run the app beyond dnSpy.

I tried to search tutorials on how to deal with this protection. but I didnt find anything in such details which can help me.

So, as always when its related to .NET , this board is the best place to raise query. I asked CodeCracker on other forum but no replies there. So hopefully someone here must have dealt with this somewhere. 

Thanks n Regards...


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Turbo Active is a licensing component and not a protection, If you patched the file correctly then it should work according to the patch

Check that it doesn't have a native image "ngen"  that gets executed instead of your patched version


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