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the right way to detect if a demo contain full prog

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The save function can be done using one method in that ActiveX object, not very hard to find the address in the ActiveX DLL, "SaveImage" method exactly.

The point is that you have to invoke that method using the currently created ActiveX object in that editor form

All you have is the Hwnd of that ActiveX window and this is not very useful, I believe the testing software hooks many places

where ActiveX objects are created and saves their references, if you have the reference then using some COM magic you will be able to

invoke the methods of that object.

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The general rule about reversing/cracking tell that we have to have at least a good programmer experience in the type of language the target use, and I'm not........ 😞

But before quit this job I may try to enable the "save to clipboard" option----------->may be enough to save using paint f.e.

BTW I don't understand in which way TestComplete may help me in locate the code to patch it.


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