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What is Eazfuscator.NET?


Eazfuscator.NET is a free obfuscator for .NET platform. The main purpose of

obfuscator is to protect intellectual property of the software.

How to use it?


You already like it? Download your copy right now! It's free!

Key Features


* Easy to use as 1-2-3

* Automatic code protection with variety of supported obfuscation


o Symbol renaming

o String encryption and compression

o Constant literals pruning

o Method signatures overload induction

o Class hierarchy linerization

o Code control flow obfuscation

o Assemblies merging and embedding

o XML documentation filter

* Automatic code optimization

* Supports .NET Framework versions 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0

* Supports .NET Compact Framework versions 2.0 and 3.5

* Supports Silverlight assemblies and XAP packages. Supported Silverlight versions are 2, 3

and 4

* Supports XNA applications for Windows, Xbox 360 and Zune platforms

* Supports Windows Phone 7

* Can obfuscate any 100% managed .NET assembly

* Provides revolutionally innovative and easy to use GUI interface as well as classical command

line interface

* Microsoft Visual Studio integration. Supported versions are Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008

and 2010 including Express editions

* Supports automatic builds

* Supports debugging


Why Eazfuscator.NET so outstanding among others?


* To protect your intellectual property you need to perform just several mouse clicks

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Thanks romero


I am always amazed by the fighting spirit of those tools developers


in the end, someone steals the Code like what happened with yck Confuser and starts selling it :o


really a shame...

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Confuser is opensource. Eazfuscator is freeware, that's a preetty big difference. :)


BTW, who tried to sell Confuser? Got link?

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I lost the link now, I hope yck will post it here


looks like a lamer stole the code and built a new GUI and now selling the CODE :o

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The link:http://sourceforge.net/projects/dnnconfuser/

It seems they are too slow to process the report...

Meanwhile, I really appreciate his effort to make it 'good-looking' and remove the copyright infohuh.gif, but it seems he forgot to remove the copyrights in Confuser.Injection.dll...


Confuser is licensed under GPL, he can modify it but he should release the source as well...I am very disappointed.sad.gif

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ehhe ,) yep if he uses your stuff he should make it open source too .. but in the end your confuser will rule so or so ;)

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Eazfuscator.NET v3.1


Version 3.1 released on April 21, 2011


* Resource encryption and compression

* Out of the box support for Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)

* Rule-based conditional obfuscation

* Code control flow obfuscation produces fully verifiable code

* Windows SDK 7.1 support

* Improved multi-core performance

* Improved obfuscation of PInvoke methods

* Improved string encryption

* Improved support for LINQ

* Improved support for Web services

* Improved support for Component Designer

* Improved serialization analysis engine

* Assemblies embedding improvement: corresponding satellite assemblies are embedded automatically

* Fixed bugs:

o Fixed declarative obfuscation for merged assemblies in constrained environments (Silverlight, Windows Phone, Compact Framework, XBox)

o Fixed issues with assemblies generated by Delphi Prism

o Fixed assembly resolution issue

o Fixed bug in XML serialization of nested classes

o Fixed bug in handling of class template constraints

o Fixed bug in handling of exception classes without namespace

o Fixed bug in overload searching of XML Documentation Filter

o Fixed assembly embedding on Mono

o Fixed bugs in interface mapping handling

o Fixed issue in assembly merging with key container assembly signing

o Fixed issue with string encryption and culture-specific equal characters, such as '

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someone has tutorials on how to deobfuscated string, for version 3.1.x?

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i had recently such a target




found the strings decrypt method .. but it doesnt work with sae

so u would have to write ya own tool



whoknows had a little look inside too .. heres the method



u have to fix the string function...


find a init method as


Me..Name =   .(-102829684)


and go there------^^^



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mmm yes I fix mannualy... I must write something to automate the decription...

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SAE should work just fine, if you enable only string decryption.

If you want, you can patch PublicKeyToken and then all SAE options should work just fine. See here: http://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/26729-eazfuscatornet-protected-target/

I have just try this with SAE 1.14.2 on Eaz 3.1 but it don't decrypt the strings,

I read the topic that you have linked

thank you



Edited by Predator

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I have just try this with SAE 1.14.2 on Eaz 3.1 but it don't decrypt the strings,

I read the topic that you have linked

thank you



Choose "String & Flow" as your profile when deobfuscating.

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Crystal this technique is not decrypt strings. perhaps it work with older versions of Eaz.

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Eazfuscator.NET 3.2


Version 3.2 released on September 26, 2011


* Debug renaming

* Native modules embedding

* Rule-based conditional obfuscation for type members

* PE32+ executable file format support

* Post-mortem expert analysis feature. The built-in knowledge base is used to give a relevant hint to user when a tricky obfuscation error occurs

* Script variables in declarative obfuscation attributes

* Improved string encryption

* Improved obfuscation of enums

* Improved LINQ to SQL analysis engine

* Improved reflection analysis engine for toolbox item bitmaps

* Other changes: click here to expand




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Version 3.3 released on March 5, 2012


  • Code optimizer. Delivers great speed to your apps
  • Control and data flow analysis. Delivers better reflection support
  • Greatly improved support of self-hosted WCF services
  • XNA 4 support
  • Silverlight 5 support
  • Windows SDK 8.0 support
  • Visual Studio 11 support
  • Other changes:
    • Neutral mode is the default one for assembly loader now. This solves architecture dependency issues, and now it is possible to obfuscate 64 bit assemblies on 32 bit machines
    • Fixed template method signature lookup issue
    • Fixed bug in template constraints rewriting
    • Fixed own satellite assemblies embedding issue introduced in 3.2
    • Fixed a reflection analysis issue for Windows Phone apps introduced in 3.2
    • Fixed issues with overloaded methods in XML Documentation Filter

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Eazfuscator.NET 3.4.24 (Beta)


A preview of the upcoming version of Eazfuscator.NET can be downloaded from this page.


Beta version can be useful if you are experiencing some bug or just want to keep track on the progress. Each version of Eazfuscator.NET thoroughly tested by automatic test suite, however there may be some hidden caveats, so please note that beta versions are not generally recommended for use in production environment.



The list reflects the differences between this beta version and the latest released version.

  • WinRT support
  • Improved XML serialization support
  • Fixed handling of calli IL instruction
  • Fixed method lookup issue when argument is a nested generic type


Download Beta version 3.4.24 published on May 15, 2012

http://www.foss.khar... Beta Setup.msi

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I'm surprised as well. But you can still use 3.4 Beta 24, which was free. :)

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PRO offers code virtualization!

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