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Unpacking Tools 2 source code C# and binaries

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Unpacking Tools 2 source code C# and binaries:
ManagedJiter - its purpose is similar with SimpleMSILDecryptor
The target must be an valid ILOnly assembly (no mixed mode suport)!
Sometimes you may need the jit the assembly later then just press the "Set ASM" button and the current assembly (which is showed on log window) will be set as working assembly!
Now you can click the Continue button and Jit the assembly (by pressing "Jit" button) when you want!
When you click the "Jit" button you supose to choose a file name where to save - assembly will be dumped from memory and saved to a file!

SimpleManagedInjector - its purpose is to inject an assembly on framework 4.0 processes!
For framework 2.0 use MegaDumper!
Exemple of usage:
File name: SendToJitAndSaveFr4.exe
Class name: AssemblyLoad.MyClass
Method name: MyMethod

After you inject SendToJitAndSave will be showed a list with current loaded assemblies! Select the desired assembly, right click on it and choose "Enumerate modules", you will see a list with assemblie's modules, right click on desired module and choose "Send module to jit". A browse for dialog will be opened (file open dialog), choose the target which supose to be an existing file, you got to dump the assembly/module to disk before using other tool!

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thx CodeCracker  for tools i was have them all but my hdd just crashed   :ohmy:

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amazing collection yep yep many thx to you again codecracker!

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SendToJitAndSave doesn't work on windows 8.1 - 64 bit

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